The America of my Dreams by Dom Sgambellone

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About the author of The America of My Dreams: A Political Manifesto.

Dom Sgambellone earned his MBA from Seton Hall University in New Jersey and has been a corporate manager for many years. Together, he and his wife have grown children and live in Rhode Island.

About The America of My Dreams: A Political Manifesto

In The America of My Dreams, an ordinary citizen shares a collection of personal opinions about the political demise of the United States and offers practical ways people can bring about meaningful change at all levels in our government.

Dom Sgambellone is not a professional politician, but a man who, for the last four decades, has witnessed the steady downfall of what once was a great country where employment was plentiful, integrity was a virtue, and everyone put their country first. Today, he claims, we live in a different America where special interest groups have been chipping away and corrupting our system, buying politicians with cash and lavish perks. While creating an awareness of America's current problems, Sgambellone provides a compendium of ideas and suggestions on how we can reclaim our country, such as:

  • Creating a new political party
  • Transforming the Presidential primary system
  • Improving the court system and the election of judges
  • Regulating certain industries to prevent another economic collapse
  • Eliminate lobbyists
  • Reform the entire political system and introduce term limits
The America of My Dreams provides insight and real ideas for change that will encourage all citizens to become involved and force the kind of transformation that will improve the lives of all Americans.